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  • Highlights of the Model Shipways USF CONFEDERACY Building by Werner Weiss

    Hull Completed These are the the first pictures I took from the model, the hull was already completely planked and sanded, but yet without the keel and the bow stem assembly. Without the bow stem assembly and the keel at this point of
  • Model Shipways Nonsuch 30

    Model Shipways Nonsuch 30 1:24 scale; overall length 16”, height 30” I’m a sailor.  While I appreciate the love of warships from the grand age of sail, I really wanted to build a model
  • Building the MA1050 Model Airways Fokker Eindecker E-IV 1:16 Scale kit

    Building the MA1050 Model Airways Fokker Eindecker E-IV 1:16 Scale kit

    I spent a few enjoyable months building the Eindecker model and should you decide to tackle the kit, here are some observations you may find interesting. The first thing you notice about this excellent kit is the exceptional number of metal parts – a total of 111 different Britannia cast metal parts, plus other brass bolts, nuts, and tubing, in addition to the laser-cut wood and other materials. The builder needs to identify all the Britannia metal parts to know where they go, and this is not always straightforward using only the relatively small photos in the instruction manual and the “Assembled Views” plan sheets. This is where the Parts List comes in – be sure to keep it handy because it’s the one reference that provides the name and associated part number for each part. Using the Parts List, you can find the part number for each part named in the instruction manual, and then find that part number on the “Parts Layout & Color Guide” plan sheet to see exactly what it looks like.

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