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Wooden.City - Magic Clock - Laser Cut Wood - 153 Parts

Wooden.City - Magic Clock - Laser Cut Wood - 153 Parts

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Is there a greater magic than to assemble a fairy tale clock with your own hands, set it going and listen to the tick tock of seconds that quickly run away ? 

This MAGIC CLOCK is not just another 3D puzzle, it is “alive”. You see the mechanism as it moves. Indeed, it casts a spell over your and takes you away into the world of Beauty and the Beast. 

Magic and science are all rolled into one. The march of time can be made faster or slower with the coins put inside the pendulum. This is a mathematical game: the weight and the number of coins predetermine the operation of the mechanism. 

This 3D puzzle from “WOODEN.CITY” consists of two faces (hours and minutes), clockwork mechanism and pendulum. The Magic Clock will be a beautiful addition to your home and will provide countless hours of fun.

Packaging – a wooden box; environmentally friendly birch plywood

Clock is started with a key and rotates with the help of a rubber motor

The operating time from one start is 1 minute and there is a trigger lever

Number of the parts – 153

Assembly time – 6 hours with no glue required!

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