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Wooden.City - 4 x 4 - Laser Cut Wood - 569 Parts

Wooden.City - 4 x 4 - Laser Cut Wood - 569 Parts

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During the Second World War, the American company Willys started production of the Willys MB Jeep automobile. It went down in history as a reliable, maneuverable and functional vehicle. It was a “technical breakthrough”. There was a real “war of engines”. Overcoming obstacles, road dust and risk! You'll have a real adventure in your hands!

The automobile model can drive up to 6 feet. After assembly, you need to set the position of the lever forward or backward, set the locking lever in the stop position, start the model with a key and lower the lever (the key is located in the spare wheel). The front wheels are steered. The hood is opened and fixed by two locks, and the windshield tilts.

Packaging – a wooden box;

Material – environmentally friendly birch plywood;

It is started with a key;

Rotates with help of a rubber motor;

Independent suspension;

Four-wheel drive;

There are one trigger lever and a direction change lever;

The length of the path from when started is approximately 6 feet;

Assembly – without glue;

Number of the parts – 569;

Assembly time – 12 hours;

The model is started with a special key, has a removable shovel, ax and canister.

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