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Wood Trick Forklift - Laser Cut Plywood Kit

Wood Trick Forklift - Laser Cut Plywood Kit

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This powerful forklift has a mechanical base and a transmission, and includes three elements: the forklift, a pallet and a cargo box. The robust mechanism allows you to not only control the machine, but also regulate the height of the fork for lifting and transporting cargo. Using the special tray that comes with the kit, you can load and transport different items. The advanced engine model is able to start the mechanism and help the loader to overcome considerable distances at different speeds. The set consists of 385 pieces and comes packaged with clear, simple and very detailed instructions, as well as illustrations. Made of safe and environmentally friendly wood, without any added toxins or glues.


Model size:  6.49 x 12.40 x 4.52 in (165 x 315 x 115 mm)

Complexity of assembly: Difficult

Assembly time: 8 hours

Recommended age: 14+

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