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Ugears - Engine- Laser Cut Wood - 81 Parts

Ugears - Engine- Laser Cut Wood - 81 Parts

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A sneak peek into once-great era of steam engines! Pneumatic motor from UGears is a small but fully functional model of a steam engine. One just needs to blow into a special socket or use an ordinary air balloon and pneumatic engine will start its operation.

The most amazing thing about this engine is that it is made entirely of plywood! The engine has a built in air pressure tachometer and two built-in compartments for ‘spare parts’.

Weight: 0.717 lbs

Dimensions: 15 x 6 x 1 in

Estimated time of assembly: 1-3 hours

Difficulty level: Easy

Number of parts: 81

Assembled size: 6.4” x 3’ x 3.9”

Tools and materials: Made of high quality plywood; assembly requires no glue or cutting

Recommended Age: 14+

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