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Serving modelers since 1976, Model Expo is your one-stop source for, model ship kits and accessories. We carry the finest selection of wooden ship model kits, plus all the tools and modeling supplies you’ll need for building an historically accurate model.


If you’ve never built a wooden ship model before, we recommend one of the kits in the Model Shipways line such as our Phantom Ship Model Kit - MS2027 – it comes with a solid basswood hull, which requires minimal shaping and sanding. If you want the challenge of planking a hull then take a close look at the 18th Century Longboat - MS1457 and the extraordinary instructions that accompany it.

Made in our factory in Florida, they are the most advanced and historically accurate wooden ship model kits in the world. We use only the finest materials - premium woods, non-stretch rigging, turned brass components and precision-cast Britannia metal fittings. Laser cut wooden parts guarantee a perfect fit, making assembly fast and easy. Our plans overlook no detail, and illustrated English instructions explain every step of constructions. Under each Model Shipways kit you will a find link to the pdf file of that kit's instruction manual; enabling you to make a better decision when selecting a new model to build. 

Start Building Your Wooden Ship Model Today

Are you thinking that building a historic wooden ship model is too difficult? Let us assure you that many of our customers who once thought the same thing are now seasoned modelers. We promise you the most satisfying, challenging and exciting new hobby. And an authentically detailed, museum quality ship model when completed… a valuable keepsake to be treasured for many generations.


1) If less than delighted, return your purchase in original condition within 30 days. 
2) Should you lose or break a part during construction, we will replace it free of charge.