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Proxxon 37088 Scroll Saw DS 115/E
Proxxon 37088 Scroll Saw DS 115/E

Proxxon 37088 Scroll Saw DS 115/E

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This is the ideal machine for the delicate project: model building, toy manufacturing and precision work.

It cuts soft wood (e.g. bass wood) up to 1 3/16" (30mm), hard wood up to approx. 25/64" (10mm), plastic (including circuit boards) up to approx. 5/32" (4mm) and nonferrous metals up to 5/64" (2mm) with standard scroll saw blades. The machine has a very stable ribbed die-cast aluminum saw frame with 11 13/16" (300mm) throat. The blade guide is equipped with an integrated blower.

The machined worktable of die-cast aluminum has a size of 6 19/64" x 6 19/64" (160 x 160mm) and is equipped with an adjustable longitudinal stop and graduated miter gauge (0 - 90°). The ABS plastic body provides a very practical sliding door on the right side of the housing for the removal of saw dust. The saw is powered by a 110 - 120V motor (85W) for prolonged use, low noise performance and even supported by a quiet and wear-resistant toothed belt drive, running in a ball bearing assembly. The machine offers an electronically controllable stroke rate from approx. 150 - 2,500strokes/min.

  1. Adjustable patented head offers numerous advantages:
  2. The lifetime of the saw blade is tripled after shortening it twice (teeth in the middle part of the saw blade are finally used, too).
  3. With the head in the lowest position, working with a blade shortened to 2 23/64" is even more precise.

The vacuum cleaner adapter helps keep the work area cleaner.

Hard and soft woods, plastic, Perspex and soft non-ferrous metal.

Coarse-toothed blades, No. 9: 14 TPI
PRO28116    5.1"x1/16"x1/52" (130x1.50x0.48mm)     12 pcs

Standard-toothed blades, No. 5: 17 TPI
PRO28117     5.1"x3/64"x1/64" (130x1.20x0.38mm)     12 pcs

Fine-toothed blades, No. 3: 34 TPI
PRO2818     5.1"x1/32"x1/64" (130x0,77x0.34mm)     12 pcs

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