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Pinocchio Music Box 3D Puzzle #1 "Once Upon a Time There Was a Piece of Wood" - Laser cut wooden kit from Italy

Pinocchio Music Box 3D Puzzle #1 "Once Upon a Time There Was a Piece of Wood" - Laser cut wooden kit from Italy

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Once upon a time there was a wooden puppet named Pinocchio ... Relive the exciting adventures of Pinocchio, in a three-dimensional 97-piece laser-cut wooden puzzle! The Pinocchio 3D collection of music boxes tells the beloved story written by Collodi, brought to life through a wooden music box and a book box full of magic.

This first music box in the Pinocchio series, depicts the story of how Geppetto, a woodcarver, took a simple piece of wood and built a puppet of a little boy, so that he would have some company. As if by magic, the puppet came to life and became a lovable, although somewhat precocious child!

This 3D Puzzle is a music box that is assembled from 97 laser-cut wooden parts and made with sophisticated mechanical components. Each side of the music box shows a different illustration from this chapter of the story. The exclusive leather-like book includes the first chapter of Pinocchio's tale and contains everything needed to build your 3D puzzle, including easy-to-follow instructions. 

Look carefully at the contents of your book box, as they contain pieces of a surprise puzzle. You will want to collect them all and when you have completed your 9-piece collection, you will be able to build the last music box depicting the exciting scene of Pinocchio... inside the belly of the whale!

Book Box contains everything you need:

  • 6 sheets of 0.12 inch and 0.8 inch (3 mm and 2 mm) multi-layer plywood
  • Screwdrivers and glue
  • Step-by-step instruction manual inside the package

Number of pieces: 97 
Assembly time: about 1 hour 
Dimensions of Music Box: 4 inches x 4 inches x 6.4 inches (103 x 103 x 162 mm)
Dimensions of Book Box: 10.6 inches x 7.5 inches x 3 inches (270 x 190 x 75 mm)

Recommended age 12+