Model Shipways Beautiful Blocks (Impressive)

Did you know that all the blocks included in European ship model kits, as well as Model Shipways kits, are made in Italy by a manufacturer who has been making the same for nearly 50 years? The blocks have an advantage in that they are cheap but frankly, we’re not so proud of them. Not because we do not manufacture them but because they are crude.

Crude? Yes. The Italian walnut or boxwood blocks require finishing. Real blocks on old sailing ships were oval-shaped, grooved, and rounded. With a bit of time and effort, you can round the squarish Italian blocks, clean up the holes and grooves to make them look good. But you already know that takes time away from other modeling tasks and the result is never perfect.

Now, we are happy to announce that we have blocks we can be proud of. We call them Model Shipways Beautiful Blocks. They are perfectly shaped and made of Swiss pear, a hard, heavy, and fine pore structured wood. Beautiful Blocks are made combining high technology (laser cutting) and hand shaping. The result is extraordinary. They require no further rounding or sanding. More important they look like the real thing. Cost more? Yes, but your savings in time and accuracy for your model ship will make them seem like a bargain.

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