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Mantua Model 8155 Strip Clamp and Hull Vise for Ship Model Building

Mantua Model 8155 Strip Clamp and Hull Vise for Ship Model Building

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One of the more challenging tasks in planking a ship model hull is spiling the planking. Spiled planks take on shapes that are best formed by using this strip clamping tool, which was designed for this purpose. The clamp will hold very narrow and thin strips, even those used for double planking on European kits.

Youtube.com has several excellent videos regarding spiling for real wooden boats. They are worth seeing and can be helpful in building your model. Copy and paste ... https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=spiling

Courtesy of Wikipedia

Spiling is a technique used in building wooden boats in which a smaller component is used as a pattern against which the outline of a larger component can be drawn. This is often used for creating planks on traditionally built boats that have complex shapes..[1]

Spiling step 1 : transferring the shape from the hull onto the spiling batten using the dummy stick.
Spiling step 2 : transferring the shape from the spiling batten onto the new stock by following the mark on the spiling batten using the same dummy stick.
Spiling step 3 : cutting out the new plank following the mark made in step 2.
Spiling step 4 : new plank being fitted

When used for making a new plank for a boat a piece of timber the same length as the desired plank but both thinner and narrower is cut. This is called the spiling batten. This is then temporarily attached to the boat in the place of the plank required. The shape of the plank required can then be traced onto the spiling batten using a compass, or a dummy stick. The spiling batten can then be lifted out and placed on the new stock, and moved around to find the optimum use of the stock material, then using the same compass or dummy stick, the exact shape required can be traced off the spiling batten onto the new stock, ready to be cut out.

When spiling a complex curved shape it is important to keep the dummy stick in the same orientation, and not allow it to follow the curve, otherwise a distortion of the shape will result. The shapes of boats planks are complex as the plank gets wider to cover the broader midships and then narrower as the planks converge towards the bow and the stern.

An additional use for the tool is a hull clamp which can be used to hold the framed hull while laying the planks that may not require spiling. 

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