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Mantua Model 740 Battle Station (Posto di Combattimento)

Mantua Model 740 Battle Station (Posto di Combattimento)

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Mantua Model 740 Battle Station

This is a unique and detailed reconstruction of a section through a typical British warship of the early 1800’s. This period of history is when the Royal Navy truly achieved dominance on the oceans after famously defeating Napoleon at The Battle of Trafalgar in 1805. Lord Nelson, possibly one of Britain’s most iconic heroes, commanded a highly advanced navy capable of inflicting deadly damage. Nelson has been immortalised through various pieces of British artworks and attractions, such as Nelson’s Column in Trafalgar Square, London. His navy included such ships as the HMS Victory, HMS Diana and the HMS Agamemnon.

This model replica of a section through an 1800’s British warship is produced by the Mantua Model Group, who is based in Italy. We have been offering model kits from Mantua for many years and have always received positive feedback from our customers regarding the quality and accuracy of the model ship kits. This kit contains all the pieces necessary to finish the model. All pieces are pre-cut using the latest technology for ease of building and for accuracy.

Scale 1:23

Length: 10.25"

Height: 7"

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