Hull Completed

These are the the first pictures I took from the model, the hull was already completely planked and sanded, but yet without the keel and the bow stem assembly. Without the bow stem assembly and the keel at this point of progress it is much easier to sand the hull on both sides of the bulkhead former, especially in the bow area

Planking the gun deck

different views of the captain´s cabin, the aft bulkheads and the bow area of the gun deck

hooks for the gun tackles

They are made of 7 mm eyebolts bended to shape with a simple bending jig consisting of two nails. With a little excess finally cut off you get a hook just about 3 mm in length.


 tiny model rivets I used to depict the bolts for the gudgeons, the pintels and the capstan. They are 0,5 mm in diameter with a head of 0,8 mm

Other tiny stuff

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