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Creative Dynamic Glue Looper V2.1, Set of 12 Micro- Glue Applicators
Creative Dynamic Glue Looper V2.1, Set of 12 Micro- Glue Applicators

Creative Dynamic Glue Looper V2.1, Set of 12 Micro- Glue Applicators

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THE GLUE LOOPER® is a micro glue applicator made for applying a VERY small amount of LOW VISCOSITY (i.e. - very thin) glue where you want it to go with very little or no trace of the glue.

It uses capillary action with LOW VISCOSITY CA (cyanoacrylic) glue or LOW VISCOSITY model cement. (It will capture and hold ANY LOW VISCOSITY liquid!)

It fits in any standard hobby knife handle that uses a flat clamping front vise, can be used and reused for multiple glue applications. (Cleans very easy - just burn off old glue with a lighter)

THE GLUE LOOPER® is indispensable for any small gluing work: AFV builders, prop makers, entomology research (insect specimen) repair, jewelry making, etc.

It comes in three different sizes, four GLUE LOOPER's® of each size included in every purchase.

Never miss another drop. These stainless steel micro glue applicators fit right in your hobby knife and save space in your toolbox. Applicator loops use capillary action and are perfect for handling any low-viscosity cement.  Ditch that old brush and start applying liquid cement or CA glue EXACTLY where you need it most no more unsightly glue lines to polish out!  Micro-applicators are also perfect for CA accelerator with no overspray, small weathering jobs, paint touch-up, or even lubricating tough-to-reach areas on model engines. Set of twelve reusable stainless steel applicators with four each of small, medium, and large loops that are designed to fit in most hobby knife handles.

Used for:

The motion picture special effects industry

Hospitals specializing in surgical research

Universities Biology Departments

Woodworkers, musical instrument designers

Model-makers and model-builders


Jewelry makers, beaders and quilters

This set contains:

4 small loopers for fine detail work. Applies a .25" line of glue into a tight seam.

4 medium loopers will apply a .75" line of glue into a tight seam.

2 large loops for surface areas requiring a higher flow of liquid glue. Glue could travel 1.5" - 2" in a tight seam.

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