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Constructo Robert E. Lee Steamboat Laser Cut Wood & Metal Model Ship Kit 80840 - Scale 1:140, Made in Spain

Constructo Robert E. Lee Steamboat Laser Cut Wood & Metal Model Ship Kit 80840 - Scale 1:140, Made in Spain

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This model kit is made of wood and metal, with a hollow hull, false keel and laser-cut ribs. Pre-cut pieces in wood and turned brass, cast iron and brass photo-etched parts round out the details. The model ship kit is presented in a luxurious box with all components classified and ordered for easy identification. Assembly instruction book comes in 7 languages: Spanish, English, French, German, Dutch, Italian and Portuguese. The detailed instructions include photos of how to assemble the model ship step by step. It also comes with 2 plans that show various perspectives and details necessary for construction.


Brief History

Robert E. Lee, thanks to the appearance of steam, at the beginning of the 18th century, low-draft ships and large paddle wheels were built, capable of transporting even upstream, both passengers and large quantities of merchandise.


Throughout history, there are many navigable rivers that allowed the development of commerce and transport and therefore the economy. The Mississippi is one of them. The variable depth and the tides did not allow the use of normal boats on these rivers, making them difficult to navigate. With the invention of steam power, large paddle boats were built. These Riverboats were constantly being improved upon. Their speed brought memorable competitions, to determine which was the fastest ship of the "Great River". Robert E. Lee was a steamboat built in New Albany, Indiana in August 1866. She soon gained fame for her speed. Perhaps the most famous Riverboat race took place in June 1870, from New Orleans to St. Louis between Natchez VI and Robert E. Lee. The Robert E. Lee covered 1,200 miles in 3 days, 18 hours and 14 minutes, a record that still stands today. The Natchez took 4 days and 51 minutes.


Model Kit Specifications:

Recommended age:    12+ years

Product Height:          12 inches (30.50 cm)

Product Width:           7.3 inches (18.50 cm)

Product Length:          25.2 inches (64.00 cm)

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