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Constructo 80841 Pilar Laser Cut Wood & Metal Kit  Made in Spain - Scale 1:27
Constructo/Diset Constructo 80841 Pilar Laser Cut Wood & Metal Kit Made in Spain - Scale 1:27

Constructo 80841 Pilar Laser Cut Wood & Metal Kit Made in Spain - Scale 1:27

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For the American writer Ernest Hemingway, the relationship with the sea was very important. In 1934 he felt the need to own his own boat, then commissioned the construction of a yacht according to his own specifications, El Pilar. It contains the traditional construction kit. It is a wooden and metal ship, scale 1:27. Hollow helmet with false keel and laser cut ribs. Pre-cut pieces in wood and turned brass, cast iron parts and brass photogravure for details. Presented in a luxurious box with all components classified and ordered for easy location. Assembly instruction book in 7 languages: Spanish, English, French, German, Dutch, Italian and Portuguese. Detailed instructions with photos of the assembly step by step. It also includes 1 plan with all the views and details necessary for its construction. 

History: The Pillar, built by the Boston Wheeler Brothers in Brooklyn. Made of mahogany and oak, with a length of 11.86 meters and a 3.65 meter beam, it had a marine engine, Chrysler brand of 110 HP, and also a smaller auxiliary engine in case the first one failed. It is a solid and governable boat in any state of the sea. Baptized with the name of Pilar, in honor of the virgin of Zaragoza, which demonstrates his predilection for the Spanish. The yacht had two captains: The first was Carlos Gutierrez, an expert on the Gulf Stream, for which Hemingway had a predilection. He was in charge of Pilar until 1937 when the writer marches to cover the Spanish Civil War as a correspondent. On his return, Gregorio Fuentes occupies the position of captain, where he remained until the death of the writer. The Old Man and the Sea, a work written by Hemingway in 1951 and published in 1952, was largely inspired by the experiences they both shared, the writer receiving in 1953 the Pulitzer Prize and the Nobel Prize for Literature the following year for his complete work. El Pilar rests in the Ernest Hemingway Museum located in Finca Vigía, San Francisco de Paula, near Havana.

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