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Constructo 80837 The Enterprise Schooner Laser Cut Wood & Metal Kit – Made in Spain - Scale 1:51

Constructo 80837 The Enterprise Schooner Laser Cut Wood & Metal Kit – Made in Spain - Scale 1:51

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One of the most famous small-scale ships of the United States Navy was the schooner Enterprise, built by Henry Spencer in Baltimore, Maryland, in 1799. It contains the traditional construction kit. It is a wooden and metal ship, scale 1:51. Hollow helmet with false keel and laser cut ribs. Pre-cut pieces in wood, turned brass and castings for details. Presented in a luxurious box with all components classified and ordered for easy location. Assembly instruction book in 7 languages: Spanish, English, French, German, Dutch, Italian and Portuguese. Detailed instructions with photos of the assembly step by step. It also includes 3 plans with all the views and details necessary for its construction. Set of sewn sails included in the kit. 

History: In 1794, the United States Congress authorized the construction of 6 large, powerful and fast frigates. 3 years later, only three of these six frigates had been built. In 1796, revolutionary France began a privateer campaign that managed to capture hundreds of American merchant ships. On the occasion of the undeclared maritime war with France, there was the creation of a Department of the Navy independent of the Department of War, and the construction of two schooners, the Experiment and the Enterprise. On December 17, 1799, she entered service, protecting merchant ships from French privateers. In the following year she captured eight French privateers and released 11 US ships. After the undeclared war with France, the navy had only 13 frigates, there being no smaller vessel, the achievements achieved ensured the inclusion of this small schooner in the navy, keeping it in service. In 1801 she actively participated in the war with the Berber states of North Africa, achieving important victories. In 1804 she participated in hard bombing actions of the coast and acted as a gunboat alongside the USS Constitution, after which a peace treaty was signed in 1805. In 1813 the Enterprise starred in a dramatic duel with the HMS Boxer, during which the captains of both ships died, the Boxer finally being captured. Her long career ended on July 9, 1923, when she was stranded and shipwrecked on the small Curaçao Island in the West Indies, without the loss of crew.

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