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Atlantis Models S2F Hunter Killer US Navy 1/54 Scale
Atlantis Models S2F Hunter Killer US Navy 1/54 Scale

Atlantis Models S2F Hunter Killer US Navy 1/54 Scale

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Officially licensed by the Department of the Navy. Look for the Official Navy Hologram on our Kit. 1/54 Scale. Officially licensed by the US Department of the Navy. Molded in white with display stand and upgraded decal sheet. Features 6 rockets, MAD gear boom, 2 spinning props, engraved markings and for extra fun artwork is suitable for framing. When complete, keep your desktop S2F model with the nose pointing up to balance on the stand.Grumman S2F "Hunter Killer" TrackerThe S2F-1 Hunter-Killer, built by Grumman Aircraft Corp. of Bethpage, Long Island, in New York, was the newest (in 1963) carrier-based plane to be adopted by the Navy for its Anti-Submarine Warfare Group. This all-weather, day and night sub killer was jam-packed with the latest navigational, weather and the electronic equipment. The four man crew consisted of the pilot, co-pilot-navigator, radio man who doubles as M.A.D. gear operator (Magnetic Airborne Detection), and the radar man who also operates the sonar gear. Sonobuoys are dropped into the water from racks in the rear of each nacelle.The S2F-1 can carry rockets, bombs or depth charges under its wings and a homing aerial torpedo in its belly. A search light is housed in a dome on the starboard (right) wing. This light is operated by the co-pilot by means of a pistol grip control handle. The twin row R 1820-82 Wright radial engines give the Hunter-Killer power to spare for carrier takeoffs and landings; one engine being sufficient for either operation; and a cruising speed of 130 knots. The Grumman S2F-1 Hunter-Killer plane, officially named the "Tracker" quickly became the backbone of our Anti-Submarine Warfare Squadrons

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