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Model Shipways Inc. dba Model Expo

Who we are:

We have been serving scale modelers with quality wood /metal kits since 1976.

In the beginning we offered only European historic ship model kits. Our growth was based on competitive pricing and after-sale service to our customers by providing them with replacement parts to support their building efforts.

In 1987 we acquired Model Shipways (founded in 1948) and improved the kit selection by being the first to introduce laser cutting to the industry, introduced many new models and converted solid hull kits to plank-on-bulkhead and plank-on-frame. Subsequently, we designed new wood and metal models introducing Model Airways historic aircraft, Guns of History artillery and Model Trailways western vehicles.

Today, we manufacture all of our kits in our factory in Miami, Florida. Here we mold detailed metal parts; cut wood with high-powered lasers and assemble each kit with careful American hands. Come visit ... watch molten metal poured and cast; hardwoods cut by lasers and see your next kit carefully assembled. Call first, please. 800-222-3876.

Marc Mosko



P.S. What makes us different?

  • Fanatical attention to historical accuracy .. we don’t invent, we replicate.
  • Absolute attention to scale .. example: our ship model belaying pins are machined brass; the only way to make them properly shaped and sized.
  • More laser cut parts than any competitor .. we cut to 1/10,000 of an inch.
  • Replacement parts available for everything we make .. free of charge.

Our guarantee …

Should you lose a part; accidentally break it or just take a wrong turn while building we are here for you.

For kits manufactured by Model Expo, including Model Shipways, Model Airways, Model Trailways and Guns of History, just find the part number in the kit’s part list, fill out our Parts Request Form and we’ll send it out to you as fast as we can. For imported and other kits purchased from Model Expo we will help with warranty service, but cannot guarantee that parts will be available for kits that are not manufactured by us.

Please don’t offer us money for postage. Pay us back by finishing your model and think of us next time you buy a kit, tools or accessories. Photos of your finished model are always appreciated.


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