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Ugears - U-Fidgets Ships (4 pcs.) - Laser Cut Wood - 10 Parts

Ugears - U-Fidgets Ships (4 pcs.) - Laser Cut Wood - 10 Parts

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Are your or a loved one experience anxiety, loosing focus or quitting a bad habit ? Ugears U-fidget-tribics  are here to help! A set of 4 individual miniature models – Sailing yacht, Sailboat, Boat, Submarine  –  are ideal for relieving stress, gaining concentration or just to keep your hands busy.

Made entirely of wooden materials and easy to assemble, U-fidget-tribiks will delight both grown-ups and kids!


After assembling, models can be used as keychains or a must-have office toys. For stress and anxiety relief simply hold a model with your fingers using index finger or a thumb to rotate the spinning elements. All models are made with high quality wood materials that ensures smooth rotation and consistency.

After assembling models use them as keychain or a must-have office toy.

Estimated time of assembly: 20 min

Difficulty level: Easy

Number of parts: 10

Assembled size: 0.4’’ x 1.6’’ x 2.8’’

Tools and materials: Made of high quality plywood; assembly requires no glue or cutting

Recommended Age: 14+

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