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Ugears - Treasure Box - Laser Cut Wood - 354 Parts

Ugears - Treasure Box - Laser Cut Wood - 354 Parts

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Another jewel of Ugears collection of wooden models is an exquisite Mechanical Treasure Box. Beautifully crafted, this item offers more than just a puzzle and sophisticated storage. The delicately carved lid and sides invite your to take a glimpse into the mystery of moving parts and mechanics in action. The box is opened with a turn of a key that is beautifully embedded into the carved lid.


The Mechanical Treasure Box can hold small items such jewelry, a flash drive or a set of keys.  To unlock the box, use the key that is a part of carved pattern on top of the lid. The key is inserted into the locking mechanism on the from panel of the box. Turning the key counter-clockwise not only unlocks the box, but activates moving gears in motion.

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