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Ugears - Mechanical Series Rail Manipulator- Laser Cut Wood - 356 Parts

Ugears - Mechanical Series Rail Manipulator- Laser Cut Wood - 356 Parts

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Following Tram Line, The Rail Manipulator continues the line of exciting projects of Ugears new Mechanical Town series. Manipulator was designed to become purely utilitarian,  which by no means makes it less entertaining than the other sets in a succession of Mechanical Town models.  Keeping up with legacy of Ugears assembly kits, Manipulator was designed to ensure fun continues long after the assembly part is complete:  It comes with two sections of rails, the shed under construction, two shipping crates with doors, a crane, freight carriage, and five characters


The tanker is equipped with a unique opening mechanism fitting in and holding a standard 0.33-liter can. The knob on the tanker’s cap can be twisted to unfold the Tanker in a new surprising way.

The extendable 3-section Fire Ladder on a slewing platform is 70cm long when fully extended. The Fire Ladder has several controls: Press the lever and lift the ladder up, turn the platform to the right or to the left, or fix the selected position with a special ratchet. All three sections of the ladder can be extended ahead. Ascend the ladder and you’ll get a real crane with a hook at its end. There is even a little ladder to help the firemen climb onto the truck in a few seconds. Like in a real Fire Truck, the ladder is mounted on its back.

The trailer‘s chassis are the wheels on which the Truck’s ‘bed’ is set. The trailer chassis has very realistic springs that engage in swinging motion during driving. There is a special rack under the drawbar, so that the model could stand independently.

Weight: 1 lbs

Dimensions: 15 x 7 x 2 in

Assembled size: 15.8*19.7*8.3 in (40*50*21 ?m)

Estimated time of assembly: 4-8 hours

Difficulty level: Intermediate

Number of parts: 356

Tools and materials: Made of high quality plywood; assembly requires no glue or cutting

Recommended Age: 14+

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