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Lindberg Surprise Plastic Kit

Lindberg Surprise Plastic Kit

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Lindberg, made in USA, plastic kits.  Could be an airplane, a boat, a car, an ear, a foot ... who knows? But if you search for Lindberg you'll see all available at this time at  high discounts. 

But that is not what this is about ... there is a story:

A few months ago Lindberg closed its doors for good and a huge warehouse full of brand new kits went on the auction block. We got lucky and bought close to  a truck load and have been selling them briskly with discounts off of regular list prices of up to 66%.  

Now we are down to about 200 kits .. over 30 varieties, which means we have an average of 7 kits per style. We want them gone so you can  buy as many as you want for $4.99 each ... but we get to choose and assure you that if you buy more than one we will not send you duplicates or triplicates.  If you want you can go pick and choose at the heavily discounted price you see on our site .. but none of those prices is as low as $4.99.

Have fun!